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  1. No, realistically speaking, you can not. No matter what the fiverr team says, they will always find a reason to disable the secondary account. Happened to me, even after i asked and didn’t affect me much. So, its better to share you account with anyone looking to create a fiverr account on the same ip.
  2. I think i have read that somewhere too.And i have also seen somewhere a seller complaining that as a result of few cancellations his level 2 badge was lost, and this happened to him for twice or thrice.Thats what is worrying.
  3. Reply to @david388: Thanks david for the help.It was really helpful.I was quite worried that i will go back to level 1 lol.And, yes, its actually the reputation of fiverr as cheapest marketplace which causes mutual cancellation.
  4. I am level two with almost 66 sales under my belt.I am now on my way to my 3rd mutual cancellation.Will it cause my level 2 badge to degrade?.Help please.
  5. Right now you are doing just that 🙂 .Additionally you can use social media.
  6. Very interesting and helpful advice. I have just realized that avoiding a bad buyer is just as important as getting a sales with a good buyer.
  7. Reply to @samarkhalid: Your gig definitely lacks optimization.There is no other way to explain the lack of orders.Make a little extra effort to get to level one.You probably need one or two sales, after that hopefully you wont face such a problem.
  8. I don’t know if I should say this, but your point in which you talked about not trusting the flags is quite offending.Maybe you didn’t have a good experience with Indian and Pakistani sellers, but not all of us have sold our souls to devil.We work hard to satisfy our buyer requirements as well.
  9. Reply to @samad_designs: No problem.Wish you best of luck.
  10. Reply to @samad_designs: Go to my sales and there you will see the option of buyer’s requests.Usually most of the requests are related to content writing.So,probably,you will have to promote your gigs outside fiverr more extensively as well to get any orders.
  11. I got my first few orders through buyers request.I kept on sending samples of my writing and atlast after three days of persistent marketing,i got my first order.
  12. and use android app and keep it online all the time.I keep it online even when i am sleeping.Thankfully, i haven’t received any question or order while i was sleeping lol.
  13. I think there are times when you receive no order for a couple of days and there are times when you receive three to four queries a day.It just a matter of season and demand.No need to worry.
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