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Don't buy those cheap, template gigs


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I’ve been scouring the Fiverr site for a reasonable alternative to a professional service (book keeping, logo design, SEO marketing, design) and I found was shocking…to say the least!

There are many gigs out there that promise a good custom service but what you get is one of the many templates that they have at their disposal. But let’s be fair here, what do you really expect to get for $5?

Well, that’s where a few stand out. A few, really good, customer focused gigs (I called them the 'Fivfessionals") that will deliver every time. And you know what, it shows in their ratings and number of gigs already sold, and in order.

So, to cut to the chase, my tips for newbie buyers on picking the best gig:

  • Make sure you in the right category. If you want specific advise, ensure you are directing your query to the right sellers;
  • Don’t be afraid to first question your seller on their understanding of your query - at the end of the day, it is YOUR MONEY!
  • Filter the search by highly rated sellers and then look through their reviews. I personally like to look at the negative reviews. Sometimes these can be a bit harsh - but it is good to know how many dissatisfied customers there where;
  • Don’t rush into ordering extras (gig extras) until you consult with the selller on whether it is necessary to do so.

    Another good thing I noticed is that the new sellers tend to be more willing to please the customer in order to get that first sale. Thus, leverage on this to get your service. In this way, you can get exactly what you want (instead of a rushed template from a busy seller), and at the same time, help the newbie build his portfolio of good reviews.

    I am a new seller, but an old player in the business world. Take a look at my gigs if you want a more personal, business advise:


    Happy shopping!
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