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Test your Gig videos & photos to make sure they help you sell your service

Guest crea8ive_design

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Guest crea8ive_design

Your video and pictures should clearly show what your Gig service offers

For example: If your Gig service is “I will hold a sign with your message while wind surfing for $5”, but the Gig photo/video is of you sitting in a room holding up a sign or talking about it, then it may not sell as well as if you actually show buyers what they’ll be getting.

When buyers are searching and scanning through the site, that photo next to your Gig title plays a big role in whether a buyer will click on your Gig or a competitor’s.

It’s so important to consider these picture and video slots as sales tools. If the photo is not related to the service they are looking for, or just doesn’t draw attention, then the chances that a buyer will skip past the Gig is higher.

One way to get ideas is to search for Gigs that offer services like yours, see what pictures competitors are using and how they all look together.

Ask yourself:

Which Gig would I choose?

Would I choose mine?

What can I do to make buyers want to click on my Gig?

Once you have an idea of what you need, you can test out a few pictures and see which one brings in more views and sales.

How do you test your Gig pic or video?

You’ll need to figure out the average number of views and sales you are currently getting (before you make any changes).

Then, each photo should get the same amount of exposure on your Gig. So if you are testing 3 different pictures, you may decide that each picture will get 1 week of exposure.

While each photo is live on your Gig, make sure to monitor the number of Gig views and sales you got while each photo was live.

Then compare these results to see which picture was most successful.

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