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I'm sick of the 'long term business relationship' promise!


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Thanks for your comments everyone,

What I was trying to tell with this post is that, It was my choice to offer my services for $5, so I will do my best on every order, price doesn’t matter. We all agree to that, and every seller who is serious about his work on Fiverr does so.

In my gigs, there’s an extra fast delivery option. Many buyers don’t use that, but many times I deliver extra fast just because I have some free time. Why keep them waiting?

I think we all agree to that too.

Maybe many people are doing this because they think I won’t deliver in time or I won’t do my best for ‘only’ $5. Again, it was my choice to do it, so I will do my best.

The message I want to send to the buyers that promise LOADS of work to come if I deliver AWESOME work EXTRA FAST and do 3 times more than described in my gig is this:

I kind of feel that you’re begging. Therefore, I don’t think you’re serious and trustworthy. I would really appreciate it if you were honest with me. You may have loads of work for me, you may have one million orders to make, but it doesn’t have an effect on my work. You’re equal to every user who orders my gigs for the first time. I’ll be happy if we acquire a long term business relationship sometime, but you don’t have to ‘overpromise’ to make me overdeliver.

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