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How to cancel the order?


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Hi all, I have a problem… Please help me out…

One customer have ordered a gig from me a 5 days before. I want to cancel it because i am not in position to take his work. I have requested him for mutual cancellation many times but buyer rejecting it all the time. The order stats came to ‘Ridiculously late’. Is there any way to cancel it? I am bit worrying about my gig rating.

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I’m so sorry to hear that happening to you, or anyone here on Fiverr. Did the buyer mention why he/she was insisting that you complete the order? One thought that comes to mind is maybe you could try recommending others’ gigs that you think may be helpful to your buyer, but of course you are not under any obligation to do so. I would contact Fiverr customer support if I were you in this situation…




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