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3 Ideas I have for Fiverr Or i want to See on Fiverr!

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Hello Fiverr,

I Really want to share my ideas or thinks i really want to see on Fiverr, it would be great if you can add these 3 things to Fiverr so we will feel more better with you and will allow us to do more selling on Fiverr.

  1. Sometimes user don’t want to do work for $5, lets assume i am offering GIG of WordPress site which i will do for $50 and even placed message in description that contact me before placing order i not do this for $5, Buyers still place the order of $5, which i then have to request to cancel, this problem cause to increase my cancellation ratio which is not good!

    Solution : There should be accept / reject option for seller when buyer place the order, so seller see if its what he is offering to someone and want to do for that price or not he can accept or reject buyer order rather the request for cancel!

  2. As a new user that is fine that User is allowed to do Gig for $5, How good it will be if there is more price selection for Level one, Level 2 and Top Rated seller users ? Remember i am not talking about Extras, i am talking about Title price select

    Example : Level 0 User can do gig for $5

    Level 1 : User can do gig for $5 to $10

    level 2 : User can do gig for $5 to $25

    Top Rated : User can do gig for $5 to $50

    so when buyer placing order he will know for how much gig is rather then he have to look into extra, Extra is fine but is extra thing, sometime there are staff user not want to do for $5 when he come to above levels and want to do it for more price!

    So i want to see the more price options on title for level 1 to top rated sellers

  3. The most important part is that there should be Chat system as well rather then the messege system on your site, There should be Live Chat option or software you should release so buyers who place order, Buyer and seller can do direction chat with voice and video option + text as well instead of using the message box!

    Just suggestions which i feel should be on fiverr 🙂

    Cheers & Have a nice day
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You can solve a lot of your problems with #1 by making sure your gig titles are accurate. For example, your wordpress gig is titled “I will design your wordpress website for $5.” When you title your gig something like that, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that buyers are going to expect you to design them wordpress websites for $5, even if you state otherwise in your gig description. If what you actually do for $5 is fix a small bug and they have to buy upwards of $50 worth of extras to get a website designed, your gig title isn’t reflecting what you actually offer, and there’s bound to be plenty of confusion there.

I agree, however, that an accept/reject order system for sellers would be a neat feature and would likely help prevent many of the problems that sellers and support spends their days dealing with.

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