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Gigs Inactivity Problem

Guest aasm123

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Guest aasm123

Hi there. This is Asim here, a Web Developer and Designer on Fiverr. Today I’m going to discuss about Gigs Activity. You can see that in this a month our old Gigs are getting down from its position and new orders are stopped. Gigs Impressions, Clicks, Views and Orders are red color marked on Gig’s Status even our Gigs meet all the minimum requirements of activity. I also faced this problem in a last few weeks. I tried to get help from Fiverr Customer Support but no solution found. I researched about this problem and found a very perfect solution. I tried my solution and now the Gigs are alive and active. I’m getting orders regular.

What Was The Actual Problem of Gigs Activity?

-The main thing of this trouble is Fiverr Updated the Categories and as you know we build our Gigs with selecting old Categories. When someone browse the Categories and find the exact Gigs of the work that he want then our Gigs doesn’t show there because our related Gig Categories that we choose on building it are removed and new Categories are updated.

What Should We Do To Solve?

My solution about this is pretty simple and easy just select your Gig that is inactive now and edit this. Update your previously selected Categories and update them with new Categories that Fiverr updated in last month. Your Gigs will be activated and will alive in 24 hours.

Optional Tips

  1. Try also change your Gig’s name with keywords matched name.
  2. Change your Gig’s main image with some thing like creative and attractive images.
  3. Describe what your are providing clearly and completely step wise. So the buyers can understand easily.
  4. Use simple words in your description. Simple Language.

    Any Questions ? Feel free to ask.


    Asim - Fiverr

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