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hi everyone..i not getting any order


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1 hour ago, ashik1317 said:

how to spend maximum time in fiverr?

Why do you want to spend the maximum amount of time online in the first place? To get more orders? That's a myth, and being active doesn't guarantee orders. I only open my Fiverr when there is a message notification or if I have to give updates/deliveries, and that proves that staying online doesn't give you any sales.

Your 'response time' (less than 1 hour) is enough to give clients an understanding that you're active and responsive in chats, so you do not need that shiny 'online' badge on your profile.

So, get a life, spend time with friends and family. Come online if there is a need, and do not follow the wrong and fake advice that staying active gives you orders. Good luck! 💫

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