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THE TRUTH: About Selling Gigs on Fiverr and why you're not getting orders


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Over and over again I read this on the forum:

" I’m not selling gigs! Please help! I want to sell gigs "

I don’t know why but for some reason people think they can just create gigs on Fiverr… and the people will come and order them. New sellers must think Fiverr is a “Get rich quick” site or something. It isn’t.

Sure. Sometimes a gig will get popular right away. Usually this doesn’t happen though and why should it?

The simple truth is that you need to promote your own gig! Why on Earth do you expect everyone else to do it for you?

You need to take control of your Fiverr business.


Think of it like this.

You are starting a business and Fiverr is the empty store you want to rent to do it.

So you have a store. Do you think people are going to walk into your store and buy from you? Right now you don’t even have a sign!

So you put up a sign on your store and wait for people. But still… nobody comes. Why?

Because having a store and a sign is not enough! You need to promote your store! If I walk past your Store I’m not going to tell my friends about it… because I don’t even know what it is!

You NEED TO PROMOTE! You need to promote YOURSELF!

If you are not going to promote your store (Or Gig) why do you think that I will?

Your Fiverr Gig is a BUSINESS! YOUR BUSINESS! Promote it or FAIL!

Do you have any of these…

Facebook? Twitter? An E-Mail Address?

Do you have Family? Friends? Co-Workers?

You start your Fiverr gig the same way you would if you opened a store. TELL THEM! Promote your gig to them! Tweet it! Send messages. Take control of your Gig!

So. If you’re not selling than stop wasting time posting on the forums " Help! I’m not selling a gig ". Then, stop checking every five minutes to see if you got an answer. Promote your gig instead. Once you do that things may start to change.

Oh… One more thing… Don’t spam the forums either. Nobody buys from a spammer.

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What you said is 100 % right…

We should not waste our time in seeking help…

It is all about online marketing game…

Honestly say…I never promote my gigs…

but I am making good from it as I think my gig and my service is unique.

but I still want to promote…

but I have no big friend circles and also have no big social media networks.

so I ask to fiverr "Can I use paid advertising on facebook or google?"

Fiverr answers is “NO, If you do this so your account or your particular gig will be ban” ??

Now what to do??

Specially people like me who have no big friend circle and also have no social networks circle.

if you say go and make friends online, so it will take long time and we want to make some in short time through our gigs.

By the way I am making good from my gigs.

but I have no choice to promote my gigs.

any suggestion to me??


Dev Praks

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You don’t need to promote that much, through search you can be found. For example, a week ago I decided to create a new gig, I asked myself:

"What do people need that nobody or only a few people are doing?"

I realized LinkedIn Summaries might be interesting, most people don’t like writing about themselves, all if you’re looking for a job, chances are you’re on LinkedIn.

Then I said,

"how many can I offer for $5."

Well, since they’re not simple headlines, I wasn’t going to offer 5 for $5 because that’s too much work or 1 for $5 because buyers might think they’re not getting enough value. So I decided 3 for $5.

Here’s the best part, I already made $20 from that gig, from 3 orders.

Frankly, the hardest part is figuring out how people search, or what people are searching, which is why if you’re not getting order it might be time to delete one keyword and change it with another.

You also have to consider your gig title, and your gig image. Today I changed a gig image because one of my gigs is getting views but few orders.

So forget about promoting it, focus on the product, and then sales will come.

It’s like having a restaurant, maybe people aren’t eating there because the restaurant looks ugly or the menu sucks. Advertising something bad will get you nowhere.

Learn from the best, I do. I don’t mean “steal their ideas” or “do exactly what they do,” but see if they’re doing something that you can do, that you like, and adapt it to your gig.

For example, “Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back” wasn’t my idea, I saw a TRS doing it and decided I could do it as well. Thinks like that are part of the public domain, so you’re not stealing anything.

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Hi @iamdev - I’n NOT suggesting you not ask for help or suggestions. I’m just saying you need to take control.

As for paid Facebook advertising… You can do that. Who told you you couldn’t?

I asked and was told it was fine.

Even Fiverr uses Paid Advertising. Facebook and Google. How did you hear about the site?

Fiverr even has a Facebook page.

Hell… You can noe have a badge on your website or to put on Facebook and a link to your profile.

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@fastcopywriter -

fastcopywriter said: So forget about promoting it

That's really not good advice at all. Forget about promoting it? Why would anyone do that?

Sure. Key words are important... but if nobody sees your gig than what's the point? You have a little over 1000 reviews. Imagine if you promoted. You'd probably be at around 3000 by now.

People have promoted since the dawn of the "Product or Service". There's a reason for that. It works.
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Guest merileep

I heard about Fiverr because a gig showed up from a friend of a friend on my newsfeed on Facebook. Now I see Fiverr Ads all the time.

Promoting works or I would not be here.

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I honestly don’t know. The Podcast is a good idea… if it actually get’s that many listeners.

But no advertising is bad advertising.

the last time I advertised my gig I didn’t really get a lot of new people. At first. But over time I got a few sales. Just not all at once.

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Reply to @kjblynx: Hey. I know all about Cookies and how the ads work. LOL. But I’ve been told that getting a paid Ad for my gig was fine. I checked to make sure… for obvious reasons. As long as the Ad linked to my Fiverr gig it was fine. Same as the New Badges. I can put them on Facebook or my website or anywhere… apparently. I’ve only used the Paid Facebook Ads once it in the past. (Wasn’t really worth it though so I didn’t do it again).

I guess in the end… answers seem to vary depending on who you talk to and with the ever changing TOS it’s hard to keep track.

So… Best Advice? Don’t take my word about Paid Ads. Find out for yourself and if you are told yes… keep a record of the E-Mail. Like I always do.

Paid Ads aside though… that doesn’t alter my original post. You are 100% allowed to share your gig with family and friends on Facebook. 🙂

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