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Tips on Increasing Sales?


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Hello, I don’t know is this a right category to post on.

So, I’ve got 7 active gigs. From which only one gig got a decent amount of sales and recently my clicks/views/impressions have started dropping on my inactive gigs, while on the gigs I advertise daily these things aren’t going that much up and sales from my top gig suddenly stopped.

Here is the preview of my gigs, the one’s I want to rank are the first 3. I promote them daily on Facebook “Make Money Online” type of groups using auto-poster software through my three Facebook accounts and on Twitter from just one account. I bump the posts in groups at least 10 times a day for each post and still not getting sales. It’s a pain in the ass to work my ass off everyday but no conversions. My conversion rate is 0.3%

What am I asking is to take a look at my gigs and give me some suggestions on how to improve every and each of them, thank you in advance.

One more thing: Has anyone had any experience with “Social Bookmarking” gigs? What were your results with this gig from Crorkservice: https://www.fiverr.com/crorkservice/add-your-site-to-1001-social-bookmarks-high-quality-backlinks-rss-ping?autoplay=true&funnel=2015012713041933418856340

Did your gig traffic improve over time with them or anything else worth mentioning?


-Luka K.

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