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Should Sellers be able to accept/decline gigs?

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I find it a bit unfair when buyers refuse to communicate with a seller prior to ordering. More so when the seller is really backed up. I think Fiverr should implement an accept or decline feature for sellers.

For those buyers who could care less or are in too much of a rush to simply ask a question, we as sellers are at some advantage and maintain some level of control over our workload.

When an order comes in, and we don’t want it, we can decline with a reason that can be selected. If not, we accept while letting the buyers know of our work load and what the turnaround might be.

I have no problem with vacation mode but I prefer it kept for a real vacation or event by which one needs to be away.

This accept/decline feature can possibly replace the overbooked. (Maybe)

But it would definitely come in handy when rude and somewhat abrasive, inconsiderate buyers come along. We are not forced to work with them, we get to choose to.

Just my thoughts.

Yes depending on your flow of orders it might get annoying, but I prefer to have some semblance of control over my workload than none at all.

Your thoughts will be appreciated guys!!


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I have seen this idea in the suggestion forum (and you might want to move it there via Edit so Fiverr might see another hint) and I think it is a critical issue. I am sure I am not the only ones who have had the problems you mention. In addition, I also get people who message me and are unhappy when I say I am not the right seller for their task. I know that some of those buyers go ahead and purchase a gig thinking that they will have the upper hand due to reviews/cancellations. That leaves a seller forced to work with a difficult buyer or offer a mutual cancel and refund that the buyer is able to refuse. Even if Fiverr does a force-cancel on those, no one makes money and it gives the seller a bad cancellation ratio.

There are plenty of reasons to offer sellers a way to refuse since a buyer can always initiate a PayPal dispute later. Yes, PayPal disputes get their accounts in trouble but that is a minor worry for a buyer with a one-time need. If they want to buy again, they just create new accounts.

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