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Do you get more sales as a new member to fiverr?


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I have been doing a bit of research and i realize that when you are new to fiverr and you create a high demand gig rite off the bat you seem to get more traffic and sales While being a member for over 1 year its seems a bit more difficult to get traffic to my gigs just recently listed that are also in high demand.

Another thing:How are fiverr hits counted? because i spent a day advertising one of my gigs that should have sent at least 200 fresh pair of eye balls to my gigs and on my fiverr hits i had 0.

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Guest cust0mcr3ationz

There is no exact science the internet isn’t perfect. It’s constantly changing and growing. For instance, my blog can be on page 2 or 3 of popular search engines one week and then another week it’s like ummmm where did it go. I have noticed that pinning gigs and advertising with people through social networking helps amazingly. Also collecting gigs and building collections helps big time. Word of mouth has helped with my marketing and writing gigs. There are always people who need blog advertising, essay assignments, and graphic design done. Just have fun with what you do and it will never seem like work.


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At first, i have ups and down in making sells and trying to figure out whats wrong especially my rating, but it leads to frustration. Now its another ball game entirely.

After reading a comprehensive FIVERR Profit Pulling Ebook, i change my thinking and my changes start pulling out massive daily sales like auto magic machine pulling out bucks from ATM.

You need to read this ebook and get your fiverr profits sky-rocket in just hours.

Let me know if you need it!

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New members do receive a lot of benefits in regards to the search system. Most of the gigs on the homepage are newly created or relatively new members.

When you are a new member, I always recommend cranking out the orders and gaining feedback quickly, as your new gig is only in the spotlight for a short period of time (say a month max).

After that month, the idea is, you will have a good feedback amount and following - enough to stand on your own two feet and not rely totally on the generic Fiverr search.

If you have good feedback and a large amount in a short period, you will rank well for “popular” and possibly “top rated” depending on your niche.

You should also gain sales from repeat customers. I calculated my statistics for January, and realised I had 261 sales completed and cleared within that time, 42% of which were from repeat customers, 34% of which were over $5 and 20% of which were over $20

In regards to gig views, I don’t trust that number, my views barely rise. I was made Fiverr’s First Super Seller and received 120+ orders in a day, yet my gig views didn’t go up 1!

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Sheriff’s Note: Off Fiverr links are not allowed.

Sheriff’s Note: Self promotion goes in the MYFIVERR GIGS section. Do not hi-jack topics.

Sheriff’s Note: This post is OLD and Pre Fiverr V2. More relevant and current posts exist for this topic.

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