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Scammed By Buyers -


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Anyone come across this scam used by some Fiverr Buyers?

  1. They cancel your order because it’s late! And voila you still see the video on youtube with views.

  2. Or the video is unsuitable and its still on posted youthube.

    It’s happened to me.

    I think Fiverr should ban these scam artists from future videos.

    Surely if they use the video they should pay for it.
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There would be a simple solution, deliver the work with Watermark and ask the buyer if he is happy with the work or not so you can then deliver final files.

If buyer said he is happy, then he can’t give you negative or ask to cancel. Customer Support will help seller in this case.

There is a little effort, by delivering watermarked work. But trust me, it will save the seller. And i personally checked it with fiverr, it is allowed to send watermark work for approval. 🙂

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Very easy solution here.

If they cancelled the order, they never completed it; the implication is that the copyright to the material still resides with you, the creator.

This is made fairly clear in the section of the Fiverr ToS labeled:

"Ownership and Limitations (Legal Stuff, yuck…)"

Go give that a read.

What I would do is report the username to Fiverr, who will terminate their account, and also file a complaint with YouTube, Vimeo, or whoever is hosting the video, and let them know that you are the copyright owner and that it is being used without your consent.

Problem solved, and now you have some nice pieces to add to your portfolio.

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