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Beware of Spam Messages from Fiverr Clone Sites

Guest vinegraphics

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Guest vinegraphics

As sellers we must be more secured in the way we handle our accounts on daily basis.

I was reading across the fiverr platform and i noticed that there is a problem that some sellers have with their accounts

and it has to do with account compromise,well i put this post to help you see how you can prevent this compromise.

Don’t be scammed by messages from pretend buyers who send messages with a link that looks like fiverr link.

The link might look like fiver.com or fiverrr.com or something similar.

The site looks like fiverr but its a cloned site and all they need from you is for you to enter your vital account information such as your username and password,cause once you do this they are able to grab your data.

Once they get that, they use it to withdraw your earnings and your money is gone.

To prevent losing your money, just be on the look out for such messages and even if you get on this clone sites,

look at the URL and make sure its you do this it helps you double check

Once you get a message like that, click on “Report” in the conversation page for the fiverr Trust and Safety team to review.

Its also important that you set a security questions so that if the system detects something unusual,please make sure you don’t set security

questions that are easy to guess e.g what is my hair color or what is my best food etc,

then the scammer might not be able to bypass your security question and your account is safe.

If you also detect something unusual, just change your password. Be safe and don’t let someone else eat the fruit of your labor.

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