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I’m going to try this, following in the footsteps of the great @itsyourthing, lol. Post your fiverr gig URL and we’ll promote it. It will be posted on either our Pinterest or Facebook pages. The Fiverr moderators won’t let me post either of these links here, so this will have to be an honor system.

Here is my fiverr profile URL: http://fiverr.com/petrosianii

Also, this honor system is also based on RECIPROCITY. Meaning: We will ONLY promote you, IF you FIRST promote us somehow. Doesn’t matter how, just do it. This isn’t a take, take, take, it’s a give and take between both of us. You promote us, we’ll promote you somewhere. You don’t promote us, then don’t be surprised if you don’t see your link on any of our sites.

Also, if your gig has something to do with p*rn, a million backlinks, a thousand fb likes, google plusses, Twitter followers, youtube subscribers, or any of that other crap, I’m NOT promoting it. So don’t waste your time. I do not promote products/services I don’t believe in or that don’t have any value.



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Reply to @petrosianii: Yep, it is tricky. But I’m pretty sure the only links that are definitely NOT allowed are Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest - at least that’s what the Forum Sheriff said in my gig promo thread. The links to my actual website where I’m posting the gigs didn’t get “fraggled” and are still clickable. And I notice that there are quite a few links to blogs and articles about Fiverr in other threads.

But now I’m confused about something else - after 10 very active days, all of a sudden my gig promo thread went dead. No new comments and apparently not even any new views. I’m wondering if it didn’t get ‘locked’ by admin. I just don’t know. Navigating the vague do’s & don’t’s of Fiverr can be difficult. :o)

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