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Signed up last week with the intention of purchasing a logo. Nosed through some of the sellers, found a level two seller with good ratings and a nice looking portfolio. Ordered the gig and received a logo that, while not the worst design in the world, wasn’t quite up to scratch with the portfolio.

So, I did some digging and a few google images searches later found that the portfolio pieces are not owned by the author but by random other folks on the internet. Not only that but the logo I received was something taken from istock with some text added to the side. The gig advertised custom made logo, I’d say that mean’t no istock image.

I’m still okay to pay, you get what you pay for right? and what I got was $5 worth of logo.

Now, here’s where I’m not sure what to do next. I gave a poor review and now the seller wants to cancel the order, no doubt to keep hold of their high ratings. I still have the logo though and think I should pay, plus also I think they should get a little slap rating wise for what they’ve done.

Like I said, it’s not the worst logo in the world (although not custom made) I’m just annoyed that they misrepresented their skill level by displaying the work of others.



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From a sellers point of wiev,I think that You should leave him/her bad ratings!

I know that this sounds bad,but maybe some other guy/girl would do a better job,but she/he dont have a badge or x10 5 stars ratings.

I dont know how You feel about that 5$,but he /she stills others jobs,here on Fiverr and on the net to show it as his/hers.

Thats not professional,and if we work for 5$ (practicaly,giveaway) and sell our time and knowledge for a pack of cigaretes and a burger,I think that people who cheat deserve to be labeled…Especialy if they are Level 2 sellers!

Thats my opinion,and is up to you to decide

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