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Fiverr owes me $1


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I purchased two gigs for promotional services, and the seller tried to instantly complete the gigs without having done any of the work. When I asked, “Uh, what are you doing? You didn’t even start the order” they just sent a cancel request instantly with no message. So that’s just one person working on a pretty poor little scam, but that’s not my concern.

I was only refunded $10, and Fiverr kept my additional $1. Lol, that’s a joke. That’s my dollar. You did no services for me, and furthermore, your seller tried to steal money from me.

I stopped working here often when Fiverr started accepting Bitcoin but not paying in Bitcoin (and yes, I understand why and how that is), and when I realized that 20% fee was never coming down due to an price INCREASE, but this is it-- I’m done buying and selling here.

A question for anyone at Fiverr who is paying attention: Quality/quantity is always the winning formula. The internet isn’t a spam-spree anymore full of morons being click-baited and content being written primarily by English-as-a-second-language-folk (that stuff is properly segregated, at least), or any of these 50-cent scams-- it’s evolving. So why are you devolving?

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The truth is that Fiverr is now the land of scammers, spammers and other people related to these categories. I wrote for several times in last 2 years that these people will cause less sales for Fiverr and for good sellers that are doing great jobs.

I and other sellers were ignored by Fiverr staff, that are still promoting lots of TRS scammers…

ps: can you believe that one month ago I reported one of the TRS with most sales on Fiverr for selling illegal services and I was just ignored by staff?

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