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How to buy a good quality graphic file/picture (logo, business card, flyer, poster, banner, etc.)?

Guest logo_buddy

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Guest logo_buddy


I’m Alex and my fiverr user name is logo_buddy. I’m going to tell why should you buy a high quality and high resolution picture from your seller. Not only that but also how to identify a high quality and high resolution picture. I thought it is better to write an article about this matter, most of the buyers do not have a idea about picture quality and picture resolution. Due to that reason sometimes they should have to contact a another buyer for modifications.

please see the picture that I’ve attached with the article. according to image 1 you can see it is a blur edged picture and image 2 is a fine edged picture. If you bought a high quality and high resolution picture when you zoom and look into that you can see picture edges like in image 2, if you bought a lower quality and lower resolution picture its edges like in image 1.You can use a high quality and high resolution picture for any kind of purpose and if you need you can reduce the no of pixels and have a low resolution picture. but when you have a low quality picture sometimes that picture can not be applicable for your purpose. So always try to buy a high quality and high resolution picture from your seller.

At least ask them to send you 300 dpi, width 15 inches height 15 inches pictures. And send them information about the size of your print-work, that helps most of the time for seller to identify what resolution is applicable for your purpose. If you can buy the editable .psd or .ai file please buy it it will be helpful for your future applications. So I think you could understand my idea that I mentioned in this article and it will helpful for you.

Thank you.


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Guest wmigbgayan
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What You wrote is not about the quality,is about how much respective buyer is willing to pay…

To get a High-quality graphics they should ask for a vector…Not jpg or png…

They should check gig extras if there is option for them to buy vector or ask the seller for the price of it…

When you buy a vector (ex. Ai file) you can generate all any other file of your choice (jpg,png,tiff,pdf,psd etc…)

When the respective buyer get a logo as a jpg ,he did not buy a logo,but a picture file of the logo…

It is up to Buyer will he pay for vector or not…


If any of Buyers needs vectorisation,please visit my profile or pick some other seller who do similar work

Hope this is helpfull to anyone

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