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Arrived at level 2

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Congrats on level 2!


  • Obviously use all your gig extras if you can. If you can’t think of any extras to add, dont worry your clients will come up with creative things you hadn’t thought of when they ask you questions.

  • Work on perfecting/Tweaking your gig. Make sure that you have the best possible keywords and description. Spelling mistakes can mean the difference between someone choosing you or your competition.

  • Make sure that your description clearly states what you do offer and what you don’t. This helps avoid cancellations because of misunderstandings.

    -Videos actually raise the chance that a fiverr buyer will click on your gig at the search screen by a lot!

  • Share and promote your gig anywhere that is relevant.

  • Work on your reputation. Make sure that each client loves what you deliver. Send them a message stating that you aim to have 100% satisfied customers and if there is anything else that you can do to earn a five star rating from them.
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Congrats in reaching the big leagues.

What has worked best for me is make sure your description covers 3 basic things and more. The big 3 are What is $5, What is needed from the buyer, and How your extras will be beneficial. After those 3 are answered you can then go into more specifics and about you and other such things. Make sure to not over saturate your description with keywords. Otherwise the system may flag your gig and give you less impressions which I learned from experience. They say add a video but depending on your gig that is not to crucial. If I am going to hire say a writer do I really need a video hearing her talk? No I want to see how she writes. On the other hand if your gig is creating a video than yes a video is a 100% must. Also make sure you use all your gig extras. If you can only think of 2 extras than just use the 3rd one as “I will accept a tip for a great service.” You would be surprised how many times that gets bought and then requires no extra work. It is a good place holder extra until you think of a new one. Well that is all the advice I can offer without actually seeing your gig, hope this is useful to you.

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