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Be a Fiverr Guru


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In this article I’ll let you know some techniques & tricks to sell more in places like Fiverr or any other online job provision. Many people cannot see the potential of these sources. And plenty of people I know who leave aside just because they never knew how to use it. That’s why I’ve decided to give you folks some tips & techniques which are going to let you be a guru out here on Fiverr.

Oh wait before that I begin, just try to think like me. Fiverr charges only $1 from each sale made through its platform, but then each vendor manages to get $ 4. Not bad though. To some might it seem little but let me tell you a fact that I know several marketers who sell more than 100 gigs per day and make lots of debit for them. Now multiply 4 by 100 and reckon how big it is. This is how you should think, think big. You can use anything you know to do to sell over here, a niche that suits you. . Now here they are.

#Tip 1: Always Upload Video

From my point of view this is the most important tip that I can give it to you. If you are charismatic and creative then this will increase your sales. You must go straight to the point and not be confused that there may be thousands of gigs better than yours, so I will not be able to smash them, but the case is just other way round. Yes it is. Is you’ve a great video, then you must not get afraid & make a touchy video which is now going to have a bonus against your competitors, buyers like to know whom they they are gonna buy. Quite simple is that.

#Tip 2: Compelling & Short yet Attractive Title

This is one of the most significant steps taken here on Fiverr for being a top seller. Have you ever observed that some books with a very high price, even manage to sell only by its title, so you can properly apply this to Fiverr. There are many people who sell a lot online here & there but this is something that really sets them unique because they make people click and buy since they make short & attractive titles for their services. For example “I sing a song for $ 5” can it be magically better than " l’ll be singing a song professionally for $ 5" . So it sounds pretty weird I guess so uncool, isn’t it? Dear sellers! Just try to make short & touchy titles of your gigs.

#Tip 3: Use Your Own Custom Image

Obviously you need to upload an image of your service. Make use of photoshop or any other program for creating an image that catches a buyer’s eye. Do not download images from Google because that makes 95% of people know you being a copier. It won’t reflect your professionalism for the services you are providing. Be yourself. Always have your own avatar upon Fiverr’s profile picture as well.

#Tip 4: Always Write a Longer Description

When speaking of the description, the longer the better. Do not write 2 general phrases but explain it thoroughly that why or what you offer is being worth of getting bought. You must describe the every single detail what your offers & services so you will be easy to get identified. They are only $5 but buyers do not want to waste, no one wants to lose his single penny. So be descriptive as much as possible.

#Tip 5: Give Maximum active Services

Last but not the least, you can always have 20 gigs active, in that way it sooths your way to maximize your potential & obviously to your profits. Hence you must create as many as much possible so they can get you more money. Moreover, each of your service has the links to other services; it lets people usually visit them to see if they are good to buy. Use different sections and different types of services that do not relate with each other because using the different categories will have more chances of being hired in any of them.

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