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Increase your sell...!


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i work 2+ month on fiverr and i get few thing that increase your sell

  1. First of all create unique gigs. never copy & paste from other seller.
  2. Put relevant tag related with your title.
  3. Marketing your gigs on social media sites. (if possible do seo)
  4. always response as soon as possible with client.

    and never do anything, that violate fiverr terms and condition.

    if anyone have batter idea, please share with us!!!


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Thanks for sharing these ideas with us here some idea in my mind.

1.Make good and easy to understand profile description.

2.Use your own original profile picture.

3.Ad good quality pics for your gigs.

4. Write easy to understand descriptions in your gigs that can be satisfied your clients.

5. Give quickly response to your clients as much possible.

6. When you get a order you not try to find way to get more money you need get 100% of buyer.

7. Give good offers like these days i give a offer "Buy 1 and get 1 free any from my gigs"


Osman shahbaz



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