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Where to ask for a unusual gig?


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When I used to buy for our business, I would look at gigs for which the seller likely had the skill we wanted but it wasn’t explicit. I would then DM the sellers with the specific request.

As a seller, I’ve had a couple of people in the past week do the same. I’m clearly a writer, but didn’t have a gig related to twitter posts. One buyer with no previous connection asked about whether I could author twitter posts and we came to an agreement (and I’m posting a new gig). Another was very happy with my blog writing work and asked if I would go through and clean up the existing copy on his website. Another sale for that one (and I need to write up that gig as well). Finally, I had someone write and ask if I would clean up his fiverr descriptions. Can do!

So, go ahead and check with sellers - just look for gigs with content similar to the skills you need and check first before buying.

Now, I’m off to go write up new gigs thanks to people who helped me to expand my idea of what I might offer.

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