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Hi Samuel,

I will he honest:

  1. I think your gigs are not too well seen by Fiverr because selling traffic on some platforms [selling youtube views and facebook likes] is against the rules.

    I don’t know how you do it, but if that’s the way… your gig doesn’t pop up too much.

  2. The gigs have generic pictures, no personal picture or video to show people your personality and to explain what you’ll gonna do for them.

  3. The description of your gigs is really general… and that doesn’t make people click on the buy now button.


    Please have a look at my gigs and take whatever you feel it will help you:
  • gig crafting
  • gig structure and extras
  • ideas for videos

    Take a piece of paper and list all the skills you have. It would be great to build gigs on what you do the best. These traffic gigs… are starting to be annoying… for a lot of fiverrs 🙂

    I hope it helps 🙂

    Welcome to Fiverr!

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You need to stand out from the crowd if your gigs are interesting people will find them. I started off years ago and gradually built myself up through good customer service and being a social marketer I was able to get myself noticed via links etc.

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