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Give up on fiverr

Guest elamst

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I am a newbie here. How long should I wait to make my first sale?

I already feel like giving up. I already tried making offers like order one gig get one free but still no offers yet.

Do you think I should give up already?

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It looks like you’ve only been here 4 days which probably isn’t even enough time to be indexed in the Fiverr search or outside search. I’ve seen a few people get a sale that fast but they are probably ones who ask family or friends to help get them rolling or who advertise their gigs a great deal outside of Fiverr. Even then, a lot of people need to see the gig before one will buy it. Even those with an established buying history on Fiverr sometimes go through dry spells and don’t get sales for a while.

One thing you might want to consider doing is adding more gigs, and not duplicates like you have but unique ones. Look around at all the categories on Fiverr to see what others are doing, not to copy them but to get ideas. Think of all the different things you might be able to do in a different way so that you can put up some different gigs that are things you could really do. The more good quality gigs you have, the better the chance of making those first tough sales.

Maddie “FontHaunt”

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Promote it everywhere. Join Facebook groups, Google+ groups, forums, and anywhere else where buyers could be hanging out. I got six sales my first week, but that was because I promoted, promoted, promoted. I also did a promotion for the first five buys (they get some freebies). If you need a logo, hit me up!

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Reply to @elamst: You are welcome. If you want to you can message me on Fiverr and I can give you a link to a Facebook group I have where you can promote yourself. I also post other people’s gigs and other ads there. Any Fiverr seller is welcome to that one or my Fiverr discussion group for raves/warnings on good and difficult buyers but I can’t (and won’t) post the links to the groups on the forum. Good luck!

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Okay, not to be redundant to whats been already said…

Coming from a person who tries to slow down the gigs, and went from a new seller level 0 to 2 pushing TS in 15 day, I’ll tell you what I did.

1: The recommendation on fiverr about start with only a few gigs, is false, worst advise ever. You want no less than 5 or 6, even if they are just different versions of like things.

2: Have a catchy video and cool image for EVERY gig, no matter what type of gig it is, I don’t care, there should be Voice and movement on Every Gig. Period…

3: Consider the viewer, look at your gig pages, try to model the video and images, even text placements, and bolds and highliites and etc, to be welcoming to a degree.

4: Respond to all Inbox’s quickly, say hello when you do get orders, immediately, thank them for purchase, let them know you got this.

5: If you have a business site or dot com, use everything but the dot com as your name. If you have a dot com and you didnt do that and you have had no sales yet, recreate.

6: Tell people you know you are selling on Fiverr, like family, friends etc. (Though that’s not a big booster in most cases, I didn’t waste time on it) It couldn’t hurt.

Only Advantage I think I may have had with like 70 sales or something in 15 days was, I did a 20 second promo for myself on WEDT, my radio station. Only once, for 1 day. I won’t do that again, I had more people than I new what to deal with. I did no other advertisings of any kind, internally or externally. My Business dot com is the same as my Fiverr name, Michelltech. So that is a good thing for anyone else as well.

7: Make sure your Gigs is something you REALLY are good at and the description is well written.

People that normally might order will look at a sloppy profile or gig page and say no, he doesn’t seem like he knows what he is doing, and move on.

8: Monitor your individual Gig clicks and impressions etc, learn from those numbers, use them to your advantage to tell you what your doing right or wrong and how you should proceed…

More than anything, believe in yourself, and be patient. If it was meant to be, and you put in the time and dedication, it will reveal it;s self and work out, soon enough…


Best Regards,

MichellTech (Rob)

Your First Stop On Fivver.com

Go ahead and Buy a Gig, You Know you want too…!

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