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Pay no attention to all these analytics from these other users.

Here is a secret: (Have a competitive edge and market yourself uniquely)

I took a look at your profile and you seem to try to get into what is popular and what not, and you have to expect some kind of “loss leader” to draw in some traffic and funnel that to your other gigs through your sales negotiations with the sellers who contact you. Make a gig that is super super cheap and know how to do it fast, then make that your competitive edge.

Stick to one type of industry, don’t jump around making t-shirt logos if you are a pro at computer programming, stick to what you know best or combine the two to come up with a unique gig, like I will make you a light up t-shirt with a programmable LED light in the front or something crazy like that…

COMPETITIVE EDGE!!! Look it up on Dr. Google.

Best Regards,


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I am just looking for webdesigner and I can tell you why I would not select you. It is that simple - there is a high competition between web designers and you are neither extremely good or cheap.

I live in Czech Republic (EU) and I can get same design cheaper in my country than from you. Why would I outsource something to India if someone next door will do it for same price?

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