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I Don't Have Multiple Accounts , There Are We Three Brothers Using Our Accounts From A Same Laptop

Guest jainvishal

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Guest jainvishal

It Was Me Who Joined Fiverr First , With My Own Very Name Vishaljain0003 , I Made Gigs Earned Bugs And Then It Was My 12th Boards So I Took Off , When I Came Back My 2nd Brother Had Already Joined Fiverr With A Name Bestseller3 He Made Gigs About Designs And Stuff And Just Got One Order And Then Got No Orders After That , Then My 3rd Brother Who Is Real Good At Online Customization Wanted To Show His Skills So He Asked Me To Make A Profile For Him , I Made It With My Name (jainvishal) Coz MY Profile (vishaljain0003) Was Not Getting Any Orders , I Taught It May Be Because Of My 88% Ratings So I Taught To Make Mine Gigs Appear Here With His And Start Getting Orders But It Has Been More Than 15 DAYS We Neither Got Orders Nor Any Views To Our GIGS . If Fiverr Got Issues That We Access 3 Accounts From One IP , Then We Can Just Use One ID And Make All Our Gigs Appear There , But We Are Not Getting Orders So We Have Kept Activated All The Ids And Check All The Ids That We Might Have Got An Order Anywhere , I Even Use Some Of Mine Friends IDS (1-2) Sometimes To Increase Views So I Can Appear In The Recommend List , But Even That Doesn’t Happen I Tried Everything I Could But Its Not Working , I Need My Gigs To Genrate Orders So I Can Provide Them My Best And Earn Some Money From It .


Sheriff’s Note: If interested in the topic of multiple accounts, refer to the Fiverr FAQ for information on this topic. This thread is now closed. You may be interested in this post:

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