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Don’t hit me hard for posting this thread here because you could find it very helpful at last. If you are here to source for blog post, or SEO articles for your blog without doing any research on your TOPICS and KEYWORDS you might end up seeing that your articles are not performing to your expectations (meaning you couldn’t find it on search results). It is not because the seller didn’t optimize the article, but because of these two reasons:

Many buyers come up with poplar topic that has already flooded the first 10 pages of Google without doing any research, and later they will start blaming the seller that the article is not optimized.

Again, many of them provide topic, and submit keywords that doesn’t even relate to the topic at all. To be sincere many buyers don’t want to listen to advice because they thought sellers want something cheap.

To cut the story short, if you want your SEO article to rank well in search engines you need to take time to RESEARCH the topic and the KEYWORDS. Not all SEO article writers have the time to research any topic for you. If you think I’m on point with what I’ve just said and you want to take the best step, you might consider my gig for the job.


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