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Hello Guys,

I want you guys opinion on a problem. I ordered 10 october a 3x a vector with the maker Alexdon.

I was getting a response this dad, after 7 days. Its the first message what i get from him in 7 days.

Dear sir,

I apologist for the late response to your messages and order 😦 I don’t do this never but We had a friend die ( one of our designer ) , and have been dealing with that the last few days. I apologist for this sir.

but I tried to manage a lot of things around the fiverr but I jsut missed your notifications. I apologist again.

but I don’t think it is possible to complete for a next weeek because we are canceling and refunding for a lof our buyers because of this issues 😦

please don’t get me wrong sir.

Thanks again for understanding.


So i was checking his reviews and order guys this day getting their order and i dont. So if you was in my position, what would you do ?


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Hello Mike,

If it were me, while I might wonder about the message, I would probably give the seller the benefit of the doubt. I’ve sent messages to sellers to ask about a gig and I’ve also ordered gigs and never got any reply so I had to cancel. At least the seller you were working with did message you. Just in case he is really dealing with what he claims (or something else he can’t say) if it were me I would do a mutual cancel and find someone else. He may be trying to deliver as many orders in the queue as he can, ones that were already partially done for example, but canceling the ones that he realizes he cannot deliver on time.

I’m a natural cynic so I would be frustrated in your situation, but we are all human and things do happen. Good luck with it no matter what you decide. Also, you may want to edit the seller name out of your message as it’s not allowed to “call out users” in the forums.

Maddie “FontHaunt”

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Reply to @platinummike: I do understand. I am a seller and a buyer so I have been in this position on both sides. It is like anything else, though. If you went into a store and ordered a product and they told you it would be 14 days, you would leave with the expectation you would get your item in 14 days. You could come back and find that they lost your order but would still do it, or find a note posted on the door informing you of a family issue or bankruptcy. In some scenarios you’d get a refund or late delivery and in others you could even be stuck.

It is an unfortunate issue whether the seller is honest or not. In this case, at least you can get a refund and move on with credit to buy again. There would be no way to force a seller to provide a product in a brick and mortar store or a virtual marketplace. As a seller myself, if I had to do that I would offer some perk for the buyer at a later date or something to help make it up and I have done this kind of thing with in-person sales when I had a problem. I do wish you the best of luck!


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It’s not ok to deliver empty, make sure to press the request modification button. Do not let the order complete until they have delivered the item. Also, ask them how much time they need, if it’s ok with you, you can wait it out, if not talk to the seller and see if there is something you can work out. The seller never should have delivered empty and should of informed you of the delay.

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Yeah i watched his negative reviews. And i am worried about that he is gotta make something really late and not what i want. But right now i don’t have nothing from my order.

I pressed the modification button. So i will push it till i get something. But for how many times you can press that button ?

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