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Fiverr no longer helps


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That’s it, I’ve lost my job and got no sales over weeks, I was trying to get fiverr full-time dedication, I’m actually entirely available to only work here, but it seems that no matter what I do, nothing changes…

I’m thinking of leaving Fiverr and trying other things, but got no return from other freelancing website…

Now I don’t know what to do.

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Victor, you only have two gigs, you need more.

Learn to create vector-based images and you’ll be designing T-Shirts for teespring.

Create gigs about Facebook timeline covers, web banners, there are so many opportunities for a talented graphic designer.

Maybe you can illustrate children’s books.

I can’t guarantee you’ll make a living with Fiverr, I don’t. But last month I made $1,000, this month only $400 so far. But it’s good money!

The truth is clients come and go at their leisure. You never know what day you’ll have 10 orders and which ones you have 2 or none.

P.S. Translate some of your gigs to Portuguese so you can reach that market as well.

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