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Hacker Alert!


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I got the following message for this guy “fragglesrock” :


Hey zergodesigns! Nice work! I want a logo for my site and I want it tlook like this one www.xxxxx.com are you able to design this ? its a lil bit complicated and for how much?

The link he sends take you to your fiverr login fake page that he has created, DO NOT login to that page else your account will be hacked. So Beaware everyone and learn bit about security if you want to be safe in the world of freelancing else all your Hardwork will be taken away by some good for nothing hacker. Cheers!!!

P.S: I removed link sent by him for your safety…

Sheriff’s note: sorry, but calling out other users is not allowed on this forum.
Please report this user to Customer Support as soon as you can, so they can take needed actions!!

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