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I hate people who do not read the description of gigs!


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So basically i have a description of one of my gigs where it clearly states that i can not guarantee that you will get likes. look at the description:

“Hi, I am admin of a facebook page of 52,000+ facebook fans (Mainly UK and USA) and keeps on growing, i will advertise your page on mine but within the description of a photo. I will post a photo related to This facebook page (as i dont want to go off topic) and within the description i will have a link to your page, twitter or website saying sent in by/ thanks and your link” I can not guarantee this gig will get you more likes but i have around 500 new likes every day so loads of people will constantly see yours! If you have any questions please feel free to message me"

as you can see i clearly state at the end i cannot guarantee any likes, but they said my gig is misleading even though i stated it in the description!

FIverr should make something where it shows the description again before buying

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Reply to @gallywix: Are you even serious??

Did you ever hear about shoutout? Basically what he does is putting your page up to 50k people. But since is REAL people he cant force them to follow you. If your page is useless and stupid nobody will follow it. Basically it all depends on your posts and your page quality.

He does the promised service and I would prefer this, get ton of people to look at my page, instead of just buying FAKE likes wich will just be an useless number.

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