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Can someone complete this job for me?


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email me on Fiverr with your price and timeframe

Complete and Comprehensive 5 Year Plan include:

A. Cover Page

B. Executive Summary

C. Company Overview and Description

D. Organization and Management

E. Strategy and Implementation Summary

F. Products/Services Description

G. Market Analysis

H. Sale Strategies

I. Financial Projections

J. Charts

K. Financial Summary

L. Appendix

The financial Projection will include the following:

  1. Profit and Loss Statement of Account (on a monthly basis) for 5 Years
  2. Sales Forecast Statement of Account (on a monthly basis) for 5Years
  3. Cash Flow Statement of Account (on a monthly basis) for 5Years
  4. Balance Sheet for 5 Years
  5. Investment and Ratio Analysis
  6. Break Even Analysis
  7. Personnel Plan Account
  8. Appendix - Showing all the financial breakdown on a monthly basis.

    The business plan will be in Doc Format (Microsoft word format). The average complete plan is between 30-45 pages
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I can do this job. I did the most complete excell table . It was full accounting spreadsheet - sells /4 prices or % discounts, bar codes/ , vendors, buyers, purchases /4 prices/, production, VAT, general ledger and all accounts, financial statements, graphics, drivers for cash register, many POS…

I did it using VB macros. It was published in PC Magazine, PC World e.t.c.

Also I can do website for you. You cab see my last project here: https://bestienet.com

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Hi there,

I may be may be interested in this project but before I can bid, I have a few questions. The first part of a business plan (items A-H) are pretty straightforward. Would you require research? Or will you provide information and need only a professional compilation. The section part (financial projections) is a little bit more labor intensive. Do you have the numbers in hand? Many financial programs can create those sections.

Let me know and if you interested, I can provide an estimate.



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