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First of all, you only have one gig. Gigs – plural – is a bit of a misrepresentation. That aside, these are my initial suggestions for that one gig that you have available:

  1. Add in some paragraph breaks in your gig description. Right now, it looks like a mass of text, and most people aren’t likely to read something that is, well… hard to read.

  2. Don’t bold so much text. Use the bold text sparingly, and only bold limited text that you stands out and helps draw attention to important text elements. Right now, all that bold text devalues the value of the text I assume you wanted to draw attention to.

  3. I don’t really understand what your gig is selling – other than the fact that you wish to offer your skills as a designer of logos. The “cartoon characters”, and not designing for your clients is a bit confusing. Perhaps a little more clarification is in order. Be concise. Be specific.

  4. I recommend that you tell us about yourself as an artist in your Fiverr bio section. Clients are far more likely to purchase from an artist of whom they know something. Inspire trust. Tell your clients what skills you have. Give your clients a personal reason to want to buy from you.

  5. I recommend posting a bio photo that shows a picture of YOU – a close-up, something that, again, inspires trust or a personal connection to your clients. Right now, you have a photo of you, taken from a distance that merely shows you in shadow sitting at a desk. A head shot, or something similar, might inspire better client-seller interaction.

    Even on Fiverr – especially on Fiverr – presentation is very important.
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