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I Want A Review To The Feedback A Buyer Gave Me For A Gig

Guest guruoftraffic

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Guest guruoftraffic


Hello the Fiverr Team, and all the sellers on and buyers on Fiverr.


Its good being here and I am Happy to do what I love doing most here. I discovered I have gotten some talent that I can bring to the world to showcase and offer as a service, and so I choose Fiverr as the best possible platform.


My services ranges from SEO, to GENUINE Facebook Likes and to Driving REAL HUMAN TRAFIC.

My various FACEBOOK service include Likes directly to your fanpage( ) and likes to your WEBSITE from Facebook ( )

The two looks similar, but it is stated in the description that the second one is not for Facebook likes.

The instructions also states it that it is not for facebook likes and that no facebook url is needed


Some few days ago I got an order from a buyer named GOLDIE2000, for the second gig above and he left me with his facebook fanpage url. I went ahead to tell him that he ordered the wrong service.

I gave him the link of the gig he suppose to order from that he will only be provided with the required likes for the supposed service.


After, I delivered and told him that we do not offer 5000likes for fanpage but for website.


He went ahead and gave me a negative feedback and a low star.

Now my ratings have dropped.


I offer GENUINE service and I will never cheat my clients.


I want the Fiverr team to help me and correct the feedback.


Thank you!



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