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How to configure a gig to have longer time for longer orders


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Hi, I have a question. I am both a writer and a VO artist…since I reached Level 2 my orders have been happy to get longer and more complex orders In both categories. I have had gigs that would take longer than 3 days for me to complete (an e-book and a long powerpoint) but they didn’t involve extras I offer - just length. I have had to contract with people in advance to accept a final product that will not be the final product in order to meet the 3-day fiverr time guidelines and then wait for the real deliverable later at a time agreed upon. I can see where misunderstandings could occur and be messy, and I’d rather have the gig adjust for extra time in the original order.

Anyone have a solution (to the kind of problem you love to have such that multiples of an order could come automatically with multiples of time?



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