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Delivery Preview - Feedback System


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I have been thinking about this for a long time and I finally figured out how to put it into words:

I have 2 features to suggest for this website, to make selling more efficient…


Delivery Preview.

I personally think it’s far too easy for buyers to get free work here on fiverr, therefor I think the delivery preview should be NON-DOWNLOADABLE! meaning, if the seller delivers the work to the customer, they won’t be able to download the delivered work, but check it as a “preview” and there should be a fiverr logo as a watermark on the preview. Once clicking the “Approve” button and leaving feedback… positive OR negative, the file will become downloadable and the order is closed!

(For things like writings and such, the preview could be like one of those ebook previews where you can flip pages, but not download the ebook, for graphics, drawings and such… the preview could be an image that can be viewed a bit larger, with a watermark on it and of course, non-downloadable)


Feedback System:

The timeframe in which the customer can leave feedback is far too big, there should be a limit to this. like the autocomplete feature (order completing itself 3 days after delivery), Leaving Feedback should have the same feature.

Meaning: the order completes in 3 days and the customer can leave feedback in the next 14 days, if the customer won’t leave feedback in the following 14 days, the order will complete for good and that’s it, case closed!

After all, I’m sure I’m not the only one when I say that “Communication is the key here” … I’ve had orders where I deliver (delivery time is 3 days) in 24 hours without express delivery ordered … and I get a feedback 3 months later saying “this is not at all what I requested” without the customer contacting me first or anything.

Long story short, 9/10 contacting the customer doesn’t help at all… makes it worse in some cases.

All the updates to the site have been in customers favor so far… making the site worst for sellers, better for customers!

If Fiverr keeps this up, sellers will leave more and more (considering leaving myself) and obviously there won’t be any buyers if there aren’t any quality sellers.

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