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Tips and shortcuts for sellers with video gigs…Please feel free to add your own!


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I’ve been on Fiverr a little over a year and strictly do Character/Testimonial type gigs. I’m always trying to figure out ways to make my job more efficient. I recently came up with a faster way to edit my videos. I edit on iMovie and I can’t believe I never thought of this sooner. For example my Pirate gig that the buyer orders green screen, music and sound efx extras. I used to start from scratch with every new gig, import the background, add the music, the sound effects and lay the video over. Now I just use the same template over and over, just delete the old vid and lay the new one on top it, the background, music and sound effects are already there. Makes editing my new gigs so much faster! I came to forum to see if anyone else had posted shortcuts for your vids but didn’t see the topic. If you have any shortcuts or tips to make editing faster and more efficient please post. Thanks!

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