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After the stars system, I get less and less ratings. I assume people found it easier&faster to simply give thumbs up or down, and now they have to give it more time, click on more things, and they more often decide not to? Not to mention custom quotes where the rating never shows up, so it’s only hidden number adding to overall number.

I get the same flow of orders, but less feedback, and sometimes reluctant feedback too (as customers don’t realize 4 stars is not positive). I still don’t like this system. 😦

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I’m getting (Just guessing here) about 25% of my buyers who will actually leave feedback these days. So, I’ve had that experience.

I think, no proof here, that folks are just busy and the stars look like a bunch of work.

They just want to move along with their project; I mean seriously, who wants more busywork? I really don’t blame them.

The thing to remember, is that not getting a rating doesn’t mean they didn’t like your work. Trust me, if there was a problem, they’d let you know!

I’ve found that even in the “Thumbs” era, the professionals (the production studios and such), were the ones who never left me feedback. People are just too darn busy these days.

They download their product, and leave the site to go back to work. In fact a lot of them will give you a latent review because they didn’t see the notification until they logged into the site weeks/months later. Then I got a review, immediately followed by another order.

Reviews are important, but I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

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