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Problem regarding client. Don't know what to do


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I’ve never had a real problem with any clients (I guess I deliver only good stuff)… but this particular one annoys me.

I’ve accepted an order to draw a flower for a book-cover and I’ve charged a lot of money for it, which the buyer agreed to.

In order to get all the details right (as the buyer wanted the drawing to be in a particular style, particular colors, particular flower, particular everything) I’ve sent 3 or 4 mid-samples (with different stages of the drawing: one petal, two petals etc). After each sample I’ve sent, the buyer said that everything’s perfect…when the final drawing was sent, the buyer said it didn’t come up how he expected. For me, it was all out of the blue and I don’t know how to proceed further.

The buyer didn’t accept nor cancelled the order, as he expressed the feeling that he still wants for me to get paid (which finally I doubt it will happen…). He’s asking for copyright over the drawing and I told him I will give it to him only for limited reselling (up to the price invested when he commissioned it from me - and yeah, I don’t know if that’s possible), but no more than that OR only to use it as a book-cover, as it was originally intended.

I don’t want for the design to be exploited in any way, but also I don’t want for my time and EFFORT to be wasted. And yes, I always offer free revisions or post-editing.

Any thoughts?



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