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Hi everyone,

Just a quick suggestion for the forum.

I would really like to see a tab like the “All Discussions”, “Mine”, “Drafts”, etc… tabs that will allow us to view all of the threads we have replied to. So that we can conveniently access them to see new replies and such! 🙂

It’s something I feel is missing from the Fiverr forum and would be very beneficial for active forum members!

Would anyone else like to see this suggestion brought to the forums as well? Thoughts on the suggestion?

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Reply to @madmoo: I see all the options for viewing my posts, my drafts, etc. But there is no option to see all the threads I have replied to so that I can easily access them and check to see if anyone has replied to my reply or anything like that.

Right now, I am having to search through the forum categories to spot threads I had responded to, and see if they have replied back or what others have said on the topic, etc. I can’t always remember all the threads I’ve replied to.

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