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Clearance against buyers which try to cheat and get the work for free


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First of all sorry if my English is not the best.

If I deliver a work and the buyer accept it, I must wait 14 days for the money.

What if I deliver the the work , and the buyer reject it for many many times so in the end it will cancel and will have my work for free?

I didn’t bought any gig and I don’t know exactly if what I am about to say is already implemented.

I suggest that if a buyer reject the work or don’t want to work with someone after he received the work, no matter if he want some modification, if the order status is not marked as complete and the buyer didn’t gave any feedback, he would must wait 14 days to get his money back.

In a situation when I deliver a good work , but the client want to cheat me and have my work for free, I would have 14 days in which I can contact Fiverr team and show all messages between me and the bad buyer and also have the possibility to show the work I delivered to him. If Fiverr team consider that I was a good seller and the buyer was trying to cheat me, the order can be marked as complete, giving me 5 stars and positive feedback.

What do you think about that?

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