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Star Math


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First, let me preface two things:

First, I love the fiverr platform as it has given me a ton of great experiences recording music for people all over the world.

Second, in addition to being a musician, I’m a professional web developer with a background in analytics.

The Problem:

Fiverr’s Star Rating calculation is inaccurate and misleading.

I’ve had 82 ratings:

6 4-star

17 5-star

59 thumbs up (we’ll count these as 5-stars, as it seems fiverr does.)

Fiverr’s math takes the total stars (404) and divides by the number of ratings (82) to yield 4.93 stars which they round down to 4.9 stars. Looks good, right? Sure, but it’s not that simple.


Those 82 ratings actually represent 152 gigs-worth in sales!

6 4-star gigs

146 5-star gigs

or a rating of 4.96-stars/gig (which should be rounded up to 5-stars)

—% Positive—

Since I’ve only had 4 & 5-star ratings, one would expect my profile to read

Positive Rating : 100%

However it reads

Positive Rating : 98%

6 4-star ratings is not the same as 2% of people having a negative experience.


  1. Since this is a gig economy, the star ratings should be weighted by the value of a gig. A rating on a $60 order should be weighted as 12 gigs worth of ratings.

  2. % Positive should group 4 & 5-star ratings as positive (or +1). 3-star ratings as neutral (or +0). 2 & 1-star ratings as negative (or -1). This should be weighted again, by order value, and the final result divided by the total number of gigs rated.

  3. Since sellers go through a vetting process to achieve levels and benefits, buyers should too - since new buyers aren’t familiar with a gig economy or the fiverr culture. Buyers should be able to gain levels through purchases as well as positive seller feedback.

    I suggest 4 levels of buyers.

    Level 1:

    Buyer’s 1st thru 6th order on fiverr should be weighted at 10%. They don’t know what’s out there and their opinion shouldn’t count as much as a more experienced buyer.

    Level 2:

    Buyer’s 7th thru 20th order with overall positive seller feedback should be weighted at 25% . At this point buyer is getting a feel for fiverr culture and is gaining experience with sellers both good and bad.

    Level 3:

    Buyers who have ordered 20 - 100 gigs with overall positive seller feedback should be weighted at 100%

    Level 4 (Super Buyers) :

    Buyers who have ordered more than 100 gigs with overall positive seller feedback should be weighted at 200% - they know what’s out there and have an experienced perspective on what makes a gig good or bad.

    These are my opinions and feedback. I wanted to start this discussion with real numbers and get community feedback on my suggestions.

    Again, I love fiverr and only want to see it improve for both buyers and sellers!

    All The Best,

    Daniel ML
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Positive rating isnt positive anymore, it is overall rating. They need to change that.

danielml01 said: 6 4-star
17 5-star
59 thumbs up (we'll count these as 5-stars, as it seems fiverr does.)

For overal rating(positive so far) you have 404 stars from max 410 and that is 98,53% (404/410)...

Now problem is. They actually count 3 types of stars per order.

Communication With Seller
Service as Described
Buy Again Or Recommend

So it is actually 82x5x3 for total stars. And I am sure somewhere you have for order
4star, 4 star and 3 star (or something like that), even that makes total 4 stars order...

And that is causing that you are 98% not 99%. As rounded from 98.53 is 99...

unfortunately we cant see all 3 types of stars on orders.

And if you have few of 5 stars rating, it would prob. be 99% then
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