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Hi there,

I just visited to your store, I can see you have golden GIG on your store, you can design logo, that is the most popular product in fiverr to sale easily.

Just go to top sellers gigs, see their description, and how they have mentioned those, edit your gig description like that, try to put some popular keywords, make logo, professional logo, custom logo, that kind of things inside your description,

Also, If you have already attractive logos, put multiple logos in your GIG image.

special another advice is, all day go to buyer request page and offer it,

you can get more order, also you are in 1st level, that’s good,

If you have web site or other resources to send your portfolio do it,

If you want to get your web site #1 page in google use my this GIG :http://■■■■■■/ygyU0O


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The LAST thing this guy needs to do is go see what top rated sellers Gig descriptions are and then COPY them! LOL It is one thing to get ideas of what may work and what doesn’t but copying is annnnnnnoying to established sellers here who get their Gigs description as well as text ripped off because they are too lazy to write their own copy. Something tells me you replied to this so you could hawk your own Gig in hopes he would buy or someone else would. LOL


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