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I've made my first $100 on Fiverr so far!


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It took me over 3 1/2 months to sell $100 worth of orders (including some with extras), but hey, it gave me a great feeling anyway! And now, I’m even more excited, because I’ve been getting repeat business from one of my customers, to the tune of almost another $100 this past week 🙂 Awesome!

I had my doubts at first that I’d make any decent money on Fiverr. I mean, I had entire weeks when I got ZERO orders. Now, I’d say I’m averaging at least 1 a day. Nice improvement, but of course, I want to improve that further.

If you’re discouraged about lack of orders, don’t give up… make sure to format your gigs well, explain in ample detail, and have a fitting image/video. Also be sure to ask for reviews and “collects” after each order, as those are important. Getting that first positive review on your gig is the hardest, it seems like!

Anyway, I specialize in improving website performance and new website setup. So, contact me if you need some help with HTML/CSS/JavaScript/WordPress!

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