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Showing pic on search results when your Gig has a video

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Unless I’m missing something, every Gig that has a video will automatically have an auto-generated screenshot of the video appear when someone is browsing Gigs, even if the Gig has a photo.

If this is right, I think it would be an excellent idea (why isn’t it already like this?) to be able to choose to use your photo or the video screenshot as the main image of the Gig- the one people see when browsing Gigs.

After working a long time to get some great images ready for my Gigs, none of them show until someone clicks on the Gig. I think a nice image someone spent a lot of time and energy on to look great would look nicer when browsing the site than a random screenshot of a video.

If the purpose is to highlight Gigs with a video, maybe signify an existing video by an icon overlaying the image or something. But at least give us the option to choose our “featured” image and not default to the video’s screenshot…

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