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How much can you earn at Fiverr?


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Without any official data, our rough estimate is that

10% to 20% of sellers make between a few hundred to

a few thousand dollars on the Fiverr platform per

month. On the higher end, it is estimated that 1% to

2% are earning several thousands of dollars a month.

Some achieve it using one single gig, others through

several successful gigs. That is why how much you canpotentially earn in Fiverr is correlated to how many

successful gigs you have. Some factors includes how

attractive your gig is to buyers, the amount of

exposure your gig is getting and how well you deliver

what you promised in your gig.

How much effort you put into making your gigs

successful and if you are doing it right will be the main

contributing factor in your earning potentials.

Sheriff’s Note: FYI… Your name next to your icon is a link to your gigs. It is not necessary to place the link in your posts.

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