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I need more attention for my gigs


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Here’s my idea. In my opinion, your video intros are your strongest gigs.

Here’s the titles you have for them:

I will create an awesome short digital intro for $5

I will create an awesome short animation intro for $5

I will create a short animation intro for $5

I will create an animated short intro for $5

Instead, in the title put keywords that will get more traffic on Fiverr. For example:

logo animation video

animated logo video

animate your logo

HD intro video (if it’s in HD)

logo video intro

logo intro video


You’re also offering 3 intro animation videos within 24 hrs for only $5…That’s a crazy good deal. You should put that in the title too, and you’ll get more interest. I would try to make a few more video intro gigs with that in mind, and you can just suspend or delete the older ones without sales.

In addition, I think you should add another video sample in your portfolio. I think what you’re offering has potential for a lot of sales, just tweak the presentation.

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