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Could you give me your opinion and some suggestions on my new gig?


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Hi everyone!

I hope you're all are doing really well 😃
I'm a new seller here on Fiverr, I'm a professional session musician from Italy and I'm writing you just to have some personal suggestions based on your experience here on Fiverr

I'm not looking for the "magical words" or "magical tricks" as I'm reading a lot everyday here on the forum all the precious advices from more expert sellers and all the people that are contributing to the community and I know that it takes time and work, but I wanted to share with you my new gig as I'm really happy to start this journey and I'm always looking for a new perspective to improve myself

Gig Link: Record pro guitar tracks for your music by Nicolaspandolfi | Fiverr

Thank you so much in advance for taking your time to review it, I wish you all a nice day and best of luck! 


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