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You want connection? Of course! Who doesn't want it
Even affluent personnels, great people and eminent business persons want more connection to shareholders, investors and all that 
Nevertheless, the connection didn't just come to them. Everything on earth is a 'give and take'
They advertise and promote their products, brands, contents and others using various methods. 

I want to be connected with great people likewise you
Staying in our comfort zone won't help. Praying earnestly without work won't solve that too (The Bible proofs that).

Come out from there. 
There are various social medias you can advertise or promote what you've got
Are you a content creator or literal worker (like I am), post relevant write ups and pieces
Are you a vendor, advertise your wares
A graphic designer, post your designs 
Project writer, let them know and so on
Create awareness
Make use of the resources you have at hand 
There may be someone who will want your service or your product, from your posts and adverts, they directly message you and from there you get connected. And in the process, be polite, flexible and rational.
In wise sense, you can refer people to someone who know about what they are looking for (the service, products, brand, etc.

Don't forget, "an idle person is the devil's instrument"

May we all be connected with people that will be of great value to us

© Roserock Art 💫 Of Words ✍️

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