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No One Buying My Gig!Help


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I Was A Member On Fiverr 2 Months Now, And I’m 1St Level Seller. 🙂

But I Don’t Have Alot Of Buyers You Know…

And I Have Read The Tips For Sellers Discussions And Tried Everething To Promote My Gig But No Results.

So Any OTHER Tips Wil Be Awesome! 😃

My Gig:


Thanks For Advance!


Fiverr: Graphics, marketing, fun, and more online services for $5


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There is really nothing more you can do if you share gigs. Patience is the key. Try to write new description or update new gig pic, everyday try to change keywords or so. in few days or weeks you should get another order. Dont forget photoshop work is offered by many people it is even harder to get order for such services. So just be patient.

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the gig looks good! one thing i might add in the description is a reason people should order it. i do voiceovers and my description says things like “great for ringtones, videos, birthday greetings, DJ drops…” sometimes you have to tell the buyers why they need your gig. it sounds kinda dumb, but it could make a difference. good luck!

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